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Who is Kouchoulou?

Kouchoulou is the nickname my husband gave me when we met. 

Mom of Alice 6 years old and Agathe 4 years old, I love to share my experience, my tips and the precious advice I received during my pregnancy and after the births. The idea of the kouchoulou boxes, a birth gift, came to me when my little sister announced her pregnancy.

I wanted to give her a birth gift that would be practical for baby but also for mom. Toys, useful products that I would have liked to receive instead of the 850 comforters and pyjamas! I imagined a gift that would follow her and her partner for several months, advising them and helping them discover toys to develop their baby's awareness and motor skills.

And a gift that doesn't forget about mum well being!

After the delivery, the focus is on baby, not a glance for mom except, maybe, to remind how tired she looks.

The boxes are composed of products that I have selected, with my experience as a mum, that of my friends and with the help of contributors who have brought me their professional expertise. The selected brands are mostly Swiss or European. The production is, if possible, local with an eco-friendly approach using organic or sustainable raw materials.

kouchoulou, koutchoulou, maman créatrice de box

The brands present in the boxes

Malakochka CH

Originoil CH

Baubo FR

Casita de Marie CH

Omiske FR

Manucurist FR

Neobulle FR

Mies&co NL

Dicifood CH

Comme sur un nuage FR

JollyMama FR

Weegallery US

Cink NL

Fabelab DK

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